Gan Bei (An Original Composition in Mandarin by Lim Yin Liang with Drums by Jason Cruz)

Published by JasonCruzDrums

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This is a track I played drums on for songwriter, Lim Yin Liang, who wrote this after being inspired by a concert we did together in tribute to the classic Shanghai artists of yesteryear. I used a hybrid kit consisting of: Soultone Cymbals Custom Snare Drum made by Pantheon Percussion ( Toms by Pantheon Percussion Kick Drum by Canopus. Drums Recorded at: HOME GROUND STUDIO ( / Produced, engineered, and mixed by: Caspar Francis of Caspar Productions ( My Website: For enquiries on recording drums for your music project, send an email to: #audio #Jazz #vintage #RB #Mandarin

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