Ryan Quinn
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Schenectady, United States
Last online: 3 years ago
7/9/2011 was the drop of my last mix-tape self titled "JEDI," after over a year and a half it's finally here. "AMB 5:18 JEDI VOL. II" is a project I have carefully worked on over this extended period of time. Teaming up with artists who play a part in my S DON S DETS movement as well as my Rich Ambiton Kru brothers(RAK). I promise you this tape shows the growth in Jedi through his heartaches and "MINDgraines," this is yet another tape in the books and expect more projects in the NEAR FUTURE!! ENJOY!! Features include:Da' Alion, City, C.Q. The Boss, J-O Tha Kidd & Och E-Mail- Jedirydar@gmail.com Twitter- @RockinRydar

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