Jeffrey Ray
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Los Angeles, United States
Last online: 3 years ago

Jeffree Cravens, performing as DJ Jeff Ray, has performed internationally for promoters such as Heineken in Aruba. He has been called unpredictable during his sets, taking crowds on a journey through genres, not afraid to to add some funk, trance, tech house, hard driving beats or samples into a set to change things up a bit. He has proven his sound can get any lover of EDM to dance.
Born & raised in rural Illinois, music was an important escape during his childhood. Inheriting a large music collection from his mother, he began DJ’ing at 14, when he saw no one dancing at his first high school dance.
HIs first club gig came in college when he played a guest set at The Copa in Flint, MI. He was soon offered a residency.
In 2000, after taking several years off from spinning, he met an inspirational member of the music world, Peter Rauhofer. It was from watching and listening to Peter, as well as Junior Vasquez and Victor Calderone, while living in NYC that he got the desire to DJ again. In 2006, he was voted #1 DJ in Tampa Bay by readers of Watermark Magazine. He was also one of the early DJ’s on with his weekly show “Circuitry”. In 2008, DJ Jeff Ray retired from music to focus on other important things in his life… Now in 2014, he is re-emerging as Jeffree Cravens, his birth name. Look for new remixes, mash ups, edits, and some original work from Jeffree as he works his way back into the clubs and has the floor dancing as in the past. Be sure to look for his podcasts on and iTunes!

Jeffree now resides in the Los Angeles, CA area and is available for parties and clubs. Contact him through the email below.

Primary genre’s include: Progressive House, House, Tribal, Techno, and Tech House.

For Bookings/Information Email:

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