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U.N.I.T.E. Composed by: Krizia Mayol & Chalerese Cabusas Performed by: Chalerese Cabusas Here we are again Another day to live And every sweat that drops on our head Reminds us of who we are. We’ve sacrifice a lot ,but we never ever give up ‘cause we know it brings to something good That will change our lives forever. Chorus: We are survivors We’re just like those warriors We know how to fight With all our might We always step forward ‘cause we’re not a coward We hold each other's hands so tight That’s how we U.N.I.T.E (ohhh, yeahh, Ohhh) We have known each other now Together we’ll rise and fall apart ,but whatever storm will come Our love will still stay strong I know it means a lot But there’s one thing we can do To stay united hand in hand And let us reach up high together. ( back to chorus ) Bridge: We can fight all the way Till the end of the race There still some time left for us we know We just have to stay strong Even things may go wrong Hand in hand we can do it As One Girl Scout Unit (repeat chorus) Last chorus: Put your green caps on With marching, semaphore (we’re just like those warriors) And IPA and lashing and many more. (we know how to fight with all our might.) Put your green caps on (we always step forward) With marching, semaphore ( ‘cause we’re not a coward) And IPA and lashing (we hold each other’s hands so tight) And many more (that’s how we U.N.I.T.E) #audio #Pop

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