Perfect World

Published by Ralph Joey Cabusas


Composer: Dennis Alejandria Vocal Arranger: Raymond Abao Music Arranger: Ralph Joey Cabusas Choir: University of Cebu Chorus "la la la" Child: Chekseney Cabusas Perfect World I Hear the children pray for a better world today It is our right to live in a green, clean atmosphere Grant us a perfect place, untouch by human race That’s how it should be. II See the birds how high they fly up in the sky Off they glide and ride the freedom of the wind Don’t wanna lose them, I want to fly with them Please don’t go away. Chorus I Tell the whole world that you care Show your love and do your share God created this world for me and you. III Watch the fish, all the species in deep blue seas Wonderful sights, colorful life, it’s like a dream We need to keep them, nurture these lovely scenes Don’t take it away. IV Morning breeze, the scents of flowers in the air Forest mountains, cliffs and valleys, by the stream Let our children witness these beautiful things Save it for me. Back to I (2x) Chorus II Help us raise a wonderland Guide our little tender hands Tiny steps can make a change Everyone must understand That our future depends on you. Come fly with me… Let’s find a perfect world.. Come play with me… Let’s build a better world… Come sing with me… Let’s go to wonderland… #audio #Pop

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