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Chicago, United States
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Joey Kay (Also Known As Joseph Alan Krupinski) Began his musical journey at 5 years old, his father along passed his 1950’s Ludwig Snare Drum to Joey, and the interest continued more fervishly.

By 1st Grade, Joey Took Guitar Lessons, and did very well. He contributes the ease of guitar to his Left-Handedness, which allowed Joey to “mirror” the instructor’s chords and scales. He is a seasoned guitarist today.

Though he continued playing Guitar and taking lessons, by Second Grade, his father urged him to join the Grade School’s 150-Piece Orchestra as a Percussionist. There were every Percussive Instrument involved, from huge Brass Tympanis to Xylophones and Vibraphones, drum sets, etc. This is where Joey learned how to play drums, and has played in many bands and on many Recordings.

By the end of 8th Grade, Joey had Mastered the Drum Set, and began using a friend’s full-sized keyboard as an Expressive Instrument. His friend gave lessons and showed chords and progressions, which Joey caught onto right away.

By High School, he had collected a number of MIDI Music Keyboards, a few Casios, and an Ensoniq EPS, linked them together, and started actual Music Production with what he had learned from all of the lessons.

His first set of music began in approximately 1988-1989, and are on Cassette Tapes … and some from Cassette to Vinyl Records as of recently.

In 1989, Joey began attending Columbia College Chicago, studying Fine Arts and Recording Engineering After taking an array of different courses, such as Advertising Art and other Creative Fields, he finally decided at the end of that first year that Recording Engineering was of most interest

Passing through the array of Advanced Recording Engineering Courses, he found a knack for 24 track 2 inch Recording Studios with huge SSL and DDA Consoles, still, to this day, considered “State Of The Art Equipment”. Because he also grew up as a Mechanic, his troubleshooting skills, such as Signal Flow, were highly advanced.

For ANYBODY who knows Chicago Engineers, Joey was taught by Malcom Chislom (Engineered and Produced 7,000 Songs… Some Well-Known), Tom Haban (Seagrape Studios Chicago) and many other highly influencial Recording Engineers and Producers.

Alot of Joey’s Productions happened between 1989 and 1994, where they were Archived on 1/2 Inch 2 Track Reel-To-Reel, and retrieved and Released on Vinyl Labels this decade (2010-2014)

In 1994, Joey Released “Eclectiz” (A Misspelling by the Label House Jam Records “Eclectic” is correct) With a Self-Created Catalogue of over 100 Songs, he continued to pursue Music.

In 1995, Joey Interned at the now-defunct “Jive/Battery Recording Studios” In Chicago, Assisting such well-known Producers/Engineers as “Critter”, “Steve-O”, and Artist/Producers as R. Kelly, Fast Eddie, U.G.K. (Underground Kings), Booker T. and The MG’s, Cashmere and DaJae, as well as many others, and working beside Peter Black, a Master Keyboard Player/Producer/Engineer/Songwriter and A&R for MANY Labels, both past to present.

Joey’s Production continued, and was Recording Groups in his Full-Fledged 16 Track 1 Inch Recording Basement Studio “ReelTimeRecorders”, just to the South of Chicago. Many Artists, such as Peter LaGrand, ended up working with “Trey Anastasio” (Former leader of Phish), and in 1990, Recorded “Jeremy Jordan” (Don Hansen) for his first Demo, who ended up on the “Beverly Hills 90210” Soundtrack

Joey worked early-on in about 1991 with Chris Williams, who was unfortunately murdered by his wife. At the timeframe of his death, he was preparing to sign a large Record Deal with A&M Recordings in 1995.

Joey Kay’s Catalogue is in he range of almost 1,000 Songs. Quite a feat for any Music Producer/Engineer/Songwriter. In the last 3 years, he has been Re-Discovered to the Worldwide Vinyl Record Community, and has appeared on over a Dozen Vinyl Records in that timeframe.

Sky is the Limit for Joey Kay. Keep tuned for more !

Here’s some of Joey’s Vinyl Releases For Sale On Discogs:

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