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At first Graphic Design seemed to the tallest mountain to climb when I was in High school, so getting into college with the mind set to accomplish this new throne was all I wanted. After college is when I learned “There’s more!”, indeed there is John Peter Meiring. I found the fantastic world of illustration, animation and film. HOW AWESOME!

So I decided, while working at my first Graphic Design job, I shall study further on these new features to open my world to a whole new creative level. After receiving my Diploma for 2d Animation and Concept Design I ventured further and had brillaint freelance opportunities, once I learned that I can travel I decided to start my adventure to the lush and sweet nectar of Ireland. I am enjoying the industry here and it has made me into a better animator and designer all together.

Working for the likes of Treehouse Republic, Inship, Body to Win, ARG Studios, and other freelance jobs.

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Day rate:
GBP £ 150
Next availability:
July 24, 2018
What I Make:
Industry Experience:
Media & Entertainment, Manufacturing, Retail, Software & Internet, Healthcare, Gaming, Computers & Electronics
Gear & Software Experience:
Adobe After Effects ( Expert )
Adobe Photoshop ( Expert )
Adobe Illustrator ( Expert )
Adobe Premiere Pro ( Intermediate )
Unity ( Intermediate )
    uniE621 ToonBoom jump and twiddle
    uniE621 TooNBoom animation project