Blues Backing Track In D (slight remix, 19 Jan 2014)

Published by John Laurence (Poletti)

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This is as far as I've got with this. Feel free to add whatever! It is in D, with guitar tuned E v D, B v A, G ^ A, D, A, E v D from 1 to 6 (no F and no F#). BPM 110, or 55 depending on how you want to count! Message me if you want it in .WAV format, or you want the individual tracks. For those who are interested, the Guitar is a $95.00 Encore E2 (Telecaster copy) and amp a Vox Mini 3, recorded straight into ProTools off the headphone socket. The amp was set to AC30TB (Rory Gallagher's amp) Bass and Drums played on a Yamaha E423 #audio #Blues #Backing #Track #Key #of #D #110 #BPM #Telecaster #Bass #Drums #Vox #AC30 #TB #Blues #Rock #Grunge

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