06 Unhappy Ending

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Jonah Haché Album Information: Loop-based dance artist Jonah Haché is releasing his 4th CD entitled "Moderate Autopilot" April 16 2014. The album promises to be catchy, dancy and weird. In Haché's incubation time over the 2013 holidays, new looping experiments with triggering sound effects such as glass breaks, splashes, crumbles and explosions are looped with synths, beatboxing, vocals, and guitar, mostly tracked live off the floor. Some of those live off the floor experiments ended up as the final tracks on the Moderate Autopilot album. The release's evolution is a symbol of the positive influence that patience in incubation of winter compositions can give, particularly in the east coast of Canada. Outside of being Haché's 4th CD release, it is his 16th online album to be released on his bandcamp. Haché also occasionally releases podcasts where he plays host and interviews local artists about fictional things, a concept he's been bringing into his live performance more and more. For more information contact: Jonah Haché - https://www.twine.fm/signin - 5https://www.twine.fm/signin Extra Links: Music Streaming: jonahhache.bandcamp.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/jonah.v.hache Main Website: www.jonahhache.com Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jonah Haché. Recorded in Studiograph, Magicone studios and The Spaceship. Musical guests from Chris Murray and Marco LeBreton. #audio #jonah hache #moderate #autopilot #moderate #autopilot #looping #dance #Hip #Hop #electronica #trip #hop

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