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Hasselt, Belgium
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Jorge Mendoza is a Belgian electronic DJ with Spanish roots. He is known for his electronic and house genres.
But Jorge Mendoza is an artist who can never be pinned down, no matter the timeframe or time signature. He took a long time to find his own turntable-style.

Jorge Mendoza was born september nine 1991 in Hasselt, Belgium. He has been listening to music at a very young age. It’s funny what music can do to a person and how it effects our hearts, mind and soul. Music had been hist first love since he can remember.

When Jorge Mendoza was around the age of 14/15 he started going out and listening to electronic music, house and hardtechno. That’s when his taste for good quality music kicked in. Mendoza takes much of his inspiration from Ricardo Villalobos, Raresh, Dan Andrei, Petre Inspirecu and all the other great examples.

Always attracted to music, he began spinning the decks at parties of friends, but this was only for his own enjoyment. Jorge Mendoza was very eager to learn and listen to as much music as possible. The commitment and dedication of playing and perfecting his creative and artistic music technology started at an early age. That’s why he ended up at the front program of Kontrast and Kissinger. His warming-ups were the kick-start he needed for a lifelong love affair. Nowadays he has a spot as a resident DJ at the parties of Bar.Bass.
But be prepared for upcoming gigs!

" Making people dance to my music, that’s what it’s all about."
Jorge Mendoza


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