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Singer, song writer and producer Juan V begin his music career at the early age of 15 years old. While in junior high school in Denver, Colorado he joined the band because he wasn’t good at anything else. Where he begin playing and learning clarinet for the band. After attending a jazz band concert of the school he noticed that there wasn’t a bassist present. He worked that next summer and purchased his first bass guitar, and during that summer he took a few lesson to learn the fret board and where the notes would be located. That next school year he auditioned for the opened spot on the jazz band, which he was successful. During his time from 8th grade until high school he mastered the bass guitar with precision. Also listening to and idling jazz bassists Stanley Clarke and Jaco Pastorius of Weather Report.

After leaving school in 1979 he signed up with the U.S. Army, which lead him to Kaiserslautern Germany. After joining the Army he then found out that he could have enlisted in the Army band and travel through out the world playing music. Not letting that disappointment letting him down he was determined to continue playing music. While attending a concert on the military barracks where he was stationed, Juan V was very pleased with the opening act of a S.O.S. Band show given by the U.S.O. At that time he was determined to play in that band “Soul, Satin & Silk” sooner or later. While practicing at the music center on the base he was approached by King Polk the leader of that band.

Impressed by his slapping and thumping technique he was offer a chance to audition for this band because of the bassist time was coming to an end in the military. After a successful audition his dream of being with this band came true. Playing mostly military clubs throughout Germany “Soul, Satin & Silk was recognized as one of the best military members band in Germany. After 2 years the band was disbanded due to members issues. He didn’t let that discourage him in no continuing his music career. He found German guitarist Michael Bradfish and the both of them founded the band “Fresh”. Which consist of military members and spouses including members Jose Acosta, Beverly Doss, Terrill Kurtz, Thomas Hort and Harty Zetler.

Fresh Band was very well known throughout the military and German club circuit with very positive reviews for their original material and cover songs that sound close to the original. This group was also featured on a weekly German television show called “Guten Abend Aus Mainz” which featured bands throughout the Rheinland-Pfalz area. While playing with this band they we’re offered an opportunity to be the backup band for music super star George McCrae who had begun his tour and was without a back up band. While touring with George McCrae Juan V was approached by legendary drummer Arthur White about auditioning for his group.

Being approached by him was an honor which he declined because of his commitment with “Fresh Band”. After 1985 “Fresh Band” was no longer and it was about time for him to end his tour of duty. Instead of leaving Germany he decided to form another band, but while searching for members he came across an ad band looking for a bass player. Not knowing what the outcome would be once leaving Kaiserslautern he took that chance and joined the group “Germerika”. The band consist of both members of the military and Germans. With their powerful lead singers Wayne Flournoy and Laverne Childs “Germerika” became one of the hottest bands in the Frankfurt area. After spending 10 years in Germany Juan V decided to return to the U.S.

Not having success in finding serious band members he laid his instrument down for years. After a brief time away from music Juan V decided find his talent with piano. Never taking any piano lessons he practiced for hours and begin writing songs in 1993. Again after putting down his instruments until 2003, he decided it was time to resurface. While roaming the internet he found many artist looking for music who wasn’t able to write their own.

In 2004 he founded JVH Productions & Recordings which the main goal was to create and produce beats for Hip Hop, Rap and R&B artist. Many of his beats can be heard throughout the music industry today. Seeing that his beats we’re having a negative effect through Rap music on young kids he decided to stop writing for others and begin writing for himself. Seeing that Reggae music died along with Legendary Bob Marley he wanted to bring it back with a different twist. Funky drums and bass would be his trade mark. Producing his first album was a challenge because not knowing the outcome he was skeptic.

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