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Jubie Wu is a passionate illustrator living in Taiwan, she graduated from National Taiwan University, but fell into the colorful world of illustration. She is a full-time illustrator, illustration teacher, and graphic designer. She loves wonderful artistic creation, design and related activities. Jubie is available for commissions.

Jubie Wu畢業於台灣大學,卻一頭栽進色彩繽紛的插畫世界而無法自拔。目前是個居住在臺北的專職插畫家、插畫老師、平面設計師,致力從事插畫創作,熱愛一切關於文創、設計、藝文活動等美好質感的東西。 喜歡手繪的風格和線條,覺得更有故事性和溫度,也期許自己的作品可以溫暖又富有意義。

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