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(I know im late on this, but still.... ) YOOOOOO. I've been waiting for this moment since the very beginning of my soundcloud journey. I've met people like @ichimonji_okinawa, @datnigguhx, @bsterthepro, and so many others that have been my friend / inspired me. Im grateful for the things I've done during this time, and I promise to myself to work harder with each and every step i take. Now i know that some of yall are ghost or whatever, but I appreciate you for even being interested in me for like... 2 SECONDS (lmao). But yah. I can't wait to hit my next goal (250 btw, goals are in my bio) and I definitely cant wait until I hit 1000. Thanks again, and I'll see yall nig nogs later. #audio #Hiphop Rap #thanks #steven #universe #100 #subs #woooooo #thekid

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