Jynx - For a Reason

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Jynx{ ITAYL} Jynx - For a Reason Produced by nujabes off The serious Accident9 Bomb the Galaxy mixtape Lyrics Below Artist: Jynx {ITAYL} Song: For A Reason Mixtape : Serious Accident9 Bomb The Galaxy... Lyrics below Chorus : It Doesn’t Sound Like Yours For A Reason/ If it Sounds the same they’ll stop believing / If it feels the same they’ll stop believing / So Let me bring Something Different to the Evening Verse 1: No church no matter What Religion you choose When I catch the beat Your Faith will Pray to My Flow / Anybody that fronted will su suddenly know/ What was Hidden in the dark now Come to a Glow/ Enter A different Dimension When you Enter my Show/ Return back to Earth When Your Leaving my Show Break Dance on the break Pedal oh I’m so Cold/ Broken stop Lights Cause green wouldn’t Tell me to Go Outside of The Building But I’m Bigger than the room/ No Gun in my Hand Nigga But I’m Bigger than the BOOM Sweeping thoughts with a intellectual broom The dustpan is the knowledge that was given to Man Chorus: Repeat twice 2X Verse 2 : It doesn’t Sound the same Something strange with my name Jumped outta airplane just to Land on a train / Blew up the train Just to set Fire To the Game/ Your Main Idea is Lost And Serves No Purpose/ Your plot seems off And your theme is baseless / Turning the pages Like Who the hell creates this / The Author argues it’s Imagination/ The crowd says we have no Imagination/ So we can’t perceive what you seem to believe The difference from Reality and a Dream/ Just when confusing starts to Find its Place / The crowd finds Imagination and starts to relate They cheer they roar they clap Standing ovation / Colleges couldn’t Give me this type of Acceptance / I don’t need to Pay tuition Cause I got intuition/ And it’s telling me it’s telling me I’m ill Stay away from the fake and always keep it real/ Orchestrating art From a pen the verbal is Art According to the orchestra my Time is up According to the orchestra my Time is up #audio #Jynx ITAYL #Jynx #Nujabes #Statenislan #mixtape #Serious #Accident #9bomb #the #world #Serious #Accident #9bomb #the #galaxy

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