Jynx - The Gully hood theory

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Jynx {ITAYL} - The Gully Hood Theory This song will be on the Serious accident 9 bomb the Galaxy mixtape Lyrics below Chorus : Now can I speak to The hood Can I Talk To the gully Has The all evil that’s in me taking everything from me Should I stand like a man or should I keep on just running Ladies and Gentleman this is my gully Hood theory Verse 1 Avoided hell but didn’t quite make it to heaven/ Stuck on earth so while I’m here I’m learning the lessons/ Knowledge is power believe that my mind is the weapon/ With one move watch this rookie turn to a legend The waves reaching the beach Water feeding the leaf The growth of mother gaia increase Let the light shine on the weak future is looking so bleak Rotten words leak from their mouth when they speak I win cause I think then I speak Approach the podium Every verse is a speech Flow change color of clothes like I’m spittin with bleach Have ownership stay away from the lease Suckers turn blood suckers stay away from the leach Be careful of fancy suits that point and preach/ You reach to stop me but I sneak They block me but I breach The matrix they surround me and I leap 200 degrees my style can survive in heat Who provides the beat The theory is war but could it really be peace Time stolen by the thief who was hired by the beast Verse 2: I'll give up my rights The Day that I deliver my gun/ Wisdom wasn’t taught So the sins of the father will visit the son / Cats ignore me when I talk like I’m speaking for fun I move to the beat of my heart You cats move to the beat of the drum/ I was given something that couldn’t be taking from me/ Nobel hood prize theory was written in the gully / Give more to the greedy forget about the needy This is the information that those in power feed me/ Believe me some of yall are controlled so easily/ Oppressed for so long that’s why I act so gressy Your attitude is your temperature change your weather Some don’t see the vision and remain in the hood forever You learn something tell it to your man learn equally I don’t complain about radio cause we n

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