Jynx - Spring Love

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Jynx - Spring Love{IntheRain} Produced By SnakeHips Song 5 Off The Serious Accident 9 Bomb The Galaxy Project Lyrics BeLow Chorus : Tell me this is something real that I feel uh Never felt anything so real uh/ Tell me this is something real that I feel If this is a dream don’t wake me up Spring Love On My Way to to nowhere I had to stop that/ Found a place In you when our eyes made contact/ Brighten up my picture to increase my contrast/ Never believed in love now my statements retract/ though Far away to my heart u reached that / There's something in persistence if you keep that/ Speak things to existence I loudly speak that Everything is energy you just cant fake that Your showing no resistance your telling me take that/ I make your lips move then I tell to lay back/ Close your eyes as I travel through your thighs / I felt your heart jump as I made your hips rise/ Let Her feel it in her veins/ It ‘s amazing how pleasure comes from the pain / The water from your body isn’t dripping down the drain mayflowers This is Spring Love but then we break up in the rain Verse Let’s say goodbye and release the doves/ One last hug wrong season to fall in love/ Out of mind it's you I try to delete/ Fighting Your memories and I almost defeat But april comes back and this cycle repeats/ And for her trust me I really do care / why is it I don’t see you any other time of the year/ Were both on the go just too many movements/ enough talk and lets enjoy the moment/ We start to touch and things like that Times flies and I don’t have wings like that/ Your clothes come off and hit the floor like that Talking turns into yawning / Lets hang out turns into hello good morning/ Look out the window the weather was storming/ Don’t put on your clothes don't look at the door/ Just stay in this room just stay on this floor/ Don’t mean to be Greedy all I’m thinking is more From my perspective beggars don’t have a choice And I’m so selective/ Want you all to myself but not over protective/ Give you space to breathe/ I understand there's a difference between wants and needs/ April is over I know this is gonna end the same I knew from the jump so there's no one to blame See you next year but I’m glad that you came/ Think about me each time Your candles hit the flames And I think about you each time before It Rain Mayflowers This is spring love but then we break u

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