Lavender Precipitation THEPRINCETRIBUTE

Published by KINGWEEZY


((Lyrics)) NO matter whether its Dinner or fancy restaurants, Or the most potent dragon Kush, in the most neatest woven blunt/ I just want your extra time and your KISS, Although you love me oddly f%cks you never give. I need a love that's gone last Longer than a Saturday! I need a Love that gone last more than a night/ Ain't no particular Sign I'm more compatible with, I just want your extra time and your kiss Ill be your Prince you be my Vanity\ name up on the mantle piece\ lil red corvettes in the driveway ...Matchin' Keys. Turn you on and turn you out/ . I was meant for you, love was meant for two\ I wont die until you do I swear to God boo boo! (Hook) I only I only I only I only wanna see you Laughin' Verse 2) Aint out here risking my life for No personal gain/ girl you worth dieing for and that shit there on Everything/ Told me not to limit my challenge, but to challenge my limits/ your intuition has been the spirit of God speaking Ambition So how could I just leave you alone in a world thats so cold An action tradject so Bold/ And Ironically its like its them speaking words through you so brutally cruel but true cant be nothin' but Love! Cant help but turn ill when I see you in pictures w/ jockey fore' me You sayin that they was just Saturday Night, but that dont make it alright for me! Baby I got so many Goals Haters askin' Where the field at?!? Gottem switchin' up like Lebron after the back 2back! A patsy is no good w/out a trail leading to someone, Ill Never say they Won, but Nicca We LOST ONE!! (Hook) Imma D. to The I. to the A. to the M....... the N to the D in the rough! credits released January 27, 2017 #audio #RB Soul #PRINCE #KINGWEEZY #KENDRICKLAMAR #DRAKE #JCOLE #ESTERDEAN #RIHANNA #KANYE #ELTONJOHN #DAVIDBOWIE #DRDRE #QUINCYJONES #MICHAELJACKSON #MORRISDAY #BRUNOMARS #BOBBYBRWN

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