Through the Devil A Tribute To Trayvon,Avonte, Eric Garner, JOAN and Binky,

Published by Alpnah Neville

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I can hear the screams of a 1000 children yet feel helpless. These are all my children in the heart of me but I can't answer their cries their screams! I am but one man but I am sure if another man see these words and rings true to the center of his being then I shall not walk alone! I shall have my brother at arms by my side in defense of his community. In defense of those who gain monetarily through our struggles and who use our very souls as fleshly currency . In arms against the evil that lay in our community killing each other, our children and harming our elderly. From every force that lay against a people united will push back! I ask you as a man to stand and do what is right ! God bless.... Michael Brown 18, Ferguson MO death 8/9/14, Eric Garner 43, NYC, 7/17/14, Kimani Gray 17, NYC 3/9\2013, Kendrec Mcdade 19, Pasadena, CA 3/2012, Timothy Russel, Cleveland,OH 12/2012,. Ervin Jefferson 18, 3/24/12, Amadou Dialo NYC, 1999, Patrick Dorismond 26, 2000, Ousmane Zongo 43, NYC, 2003, Timothy Stanbury Jr. 19, BK, NY 2004, Sean bell, 23, Queens, NY 2006, Orlando Barlow 28, Las Vegas 2003. GET THE MESSAGE? It's not just about race, it's about injustice and it must stop! #audio #Hiphop #adnmusic #music

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