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Jackson, United States
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Hire me for anything between rap features ghost writing vocal edits web and graphic design or even to produce a song. Find Kill Them all Productions on . Twitter @KTA_Productions . Instagram @officialktaproductions . And Facebook.com/OFKTAP
Apparel is here! ^^^Check out my designs on any of the above.^^^
Find my music at -------------------------> soundcloud.com/officialktaproductions or right here on ( Twine.fm/KTAProductions )
Contact me at https://www.twine.fm/signin for any business offers promotions and questions.
Safely pay for any products and services thru Paypal and shipping is free!
Don’t Forget To Enjoy Your Day
Kill Them All Productions Is an independent company producing the best music and apparel that would suit urban environments and the mainstream well. We are a designer brand who takes pride in our unique graphics and push every day to work harder and promote our products. The goal of the company is to eventually raise awareness of political and environmental misconducts also known as crime. Our contradictory methods are put fourth along side with our ideals to attract our targeted populous and allows the light to shine within the dark. You too can be the light in a dim world by supporting Kill Them All Productions and our efforts to better the world. It starts right here in your community, don’t allow drama to control your life and bring you down. Raise awareness to issues you think are important, start discussions, take part in your community and not in corporations. Many corporations and industries are responsible for the devalue of currency and a multitude of environmental and political misconducts. Where we are based, in The United States of America, theres a wise scripture that grants us a government by the people for the people. Let us Stand United, take an active role in the governing of our people, vote in local and state elections and push for people to be educated on the issues and matters that change our world and hold our future. Kill Them all Productions

Industry Experience:
Energy & Utilities, Software & Internet, Computers & Electronics
Gear & Software Experience:
Logic Pro ( Intermediate )