Kaiser Souzai
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Berlin, Mitte, Germany
Last online: 2 years ago

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Next releases on Tulipa Recordings (Remix for Dave Seaman), Schallbox Records (Remix for Benotmane), Kinetika Records (Andrin EP) & Trapez Ltd. (untitled).


Who is Kaiser Souzai ?

There were more then a few who have certified that Kaiser Souzai have created a new musical genre.

They have carved their own niche, somewhere between dark tech, synth loaded electronica and artrock techno gigantism, abroad the mainstream, still reaching regularly the top 10 of the electronic music selling portals like Beatport.

Supported by:


Nick Warren, Sven Väth, Joseph Capriati, UMEK, John Digweed, Steve Lawler, Dave Seaman, John Acquaviva, Olivier Giacomotto, Rick Maia, Stacey Pullen, Grayson Shipley, D-Nox & Beckers, Hermanez, Markus Kavka, Luke Warren, Arjun Vagale, Ryan Sullivan, David Ribeiro, Chris Fortier, Pole Folder, Someone Else, David Vanucci, Markus Bohm, Ri Za, Corbin & Toby, DJ Vortexx, Nori, Merlyn Martin, Logiztik Sounds, Ryan Davis, Tom Wax, Mononoid, Bucky Fargo, DJ 3000 …


Resident Advisor (UK), Tsugi (FR), Different Grooves (IT), Posivision Mag (JP), OE4 Mag (CH), Knobsmagazine (IT), Define The Sound (RU), Meddelin Style (CO), Chry 105.5FM (CA), Radio FM4 / ORF (AT), Zündfunk / BR (DE), Altroverso (IT), ClubTime FM (DE), Radio1 (CZ), Pulsehouse Radio (BR), Subdivisions Global (UK), Electric Feel (CA), Radio FTB (PL), KWSB (US),
Half Stereo (TR), Field Trip (USA), Mutant Disco Radio Show (HR), Cuebase FM (DE), Electrosound TV(DE), WTM Paris (FR), Proton Radio (USA) …

Starting off as a producer only project, the artist duo didn’t play live in the beginning, thus nobody knew, who they were. In the dark of their studio, they created track after track, big sellers too. No faces were shown until they started to spin and play on a regular basis, filling dancefloors worldwide.

Appearances in 2014:

USA, Australia, Finland, Thailand, Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Switzerland …

With releases as “Monique”, “Girl” (Pulp Fiction Theme), the Cloud Series “Altocummulus Floccus”, “Stratocumulus” or “Cirrus”, they’ve put themselves on the map of the electronic music scene.
After over 40 releases, 2014 has been another great year for the duo, releasing Maurice Ravel inspired “Bolero”, “Foggy”, “Mondy”, “Get2Ghetto” and the 70s Art Rock-inspired, 12 min anthem, “1976” on Trapez (GER), the “Andrin” EP on Kinetika Records (US) as well as remixing Booka Shade’s “Love Inc.” on Blaufield (GER), Dave Seaman’s “Everything Comes in Threes” on Tulipa Recordings (USA), John Acquaviva’s & Olivier Giacomotto’s “Idiosyncrazy” on Definitive Recordings (CA) and Benotmane’s “Theme” on Schallbox Records (CH).

They have also implemented their “Kaiser’s Ballroom” label nights, which showcases them as well as artist friends like Booka Shade, Super Flu, Nils Hoffmann, Jonas Woehl, Dan Caster, only to name a few, (www.ballroom.cc) on their club nights, stages and festivals.

Relevant releases (excerpt):

Andrin EP (Kinetika Records)
1976 (Trapez) inkl. Remixes by Olivier Giacomotto & Maverickz
Get 2 Ghetto (Sullivan Room Records) inkl. Remixes by Prompt & Grass Is Greener
The Rhythm feat. Roland Clark (GoDeeva Records)
Kaiser’s Ballroom EP (BluFin)
Hades (Natura Viva) inkl. Remix by Tony Dee
Bolero (BluFin) inkl. Remixes by Dubspeeka & Marc DePulse
Foggy (BluFin) inkl. Remixes by Piemont, Matthias Schaffhauser & Alex Celler
Microburst (Yellow Tail) inkl. Remixes by Bradler & Zumar
Arcus (City Lights Music) inkl. Remixes by Simon & Shaker & The Evil Amigos
Hurry Cane (Yellow Tail) inkl. Remixes by Ramon Tapia & Evolent
Tornado (Yellow Tail) inkl. Remixes by
Gorge & Phonique & Tigerskin
Stratocumulus (Yellow Tail)
Cirrus (Beatmodul Records) inkl. Remixes by John Acquaviva & Steve Nash
Altocummulus Floccus (Yellow Tail) inkl. Remix by Piemont
Girl (Rotor) inkl. Remix by Oliver Koletzki
Monique (Rotor) inkl. Remix by Trick & Kubic
Supersonic (Urban) inkl. Remixes by Oliver Moldan, Necronomicon

Kaiser Souzai welcomes you to check out their art on: www.soundcloud.com/kaiser_souzai_berlin

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