Karo - Korleone ( Prod. By Zaya From The V )

Published by King Karo


Lyrics: Rockin to the neck n by my lonely Chill wichu bitches i rather kick it with the homies Smoke a wood to the face you dont really know me Say i changed yeh that was the old me New whip new bitch you must be joking Last week had yo main bitch choking If i catch u in the open then u was loafin Leave the pussy like a lake that shit was soakin Kick it like buttowski my dick is her mouthpiece Shoot like romanski and its above the rim b Pop a xan now im onna rocket with jimmy Hands in my pants bitch i hold a semi naked pictures bitches send me Turned my dime into a penny Turn that 10 into a milli Niggas from the bay but they bang the thirties I dont bang but dont fuck with my team Wish a nigga would try meh Getting low with sum bitchss thats really hi key Im thor my brother loki He'll do ya dirty My glock hold 30 yes my glock hole dirty No friends no family dont ask me for nun Couple million to the neck i have no cousins Real killas in my streets all i do is press a button Bitch i want the pussyy why is u lovin Fuck that bitch till she dieing And if she say i aint smash Hoes is lying Feeling like corleone i dont need nobody fuck niggas fuck bitches Im by my lonely Fuck 12 fuck the system and those who doubt me Next Single: https://soundcloud.com/kingofsac/mann/s-Bu93R #audio #Hiphop Rap

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