Gilberto Mendoza Calderon
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Gilberto Mendoza, better known in the electronic scene as ‘Karzen’, is a
musical artist from Mexico City who is growing fast in the trance environment and has received early support form big names like: ‘Arctic Moon’, ‘Ahmed Romel’, 'Frozen Skies´ & ‘Mark Charles’.

Creating melodies from the down-tempo, chill and progressive, through the most euphoric and uplifting beats, he clearly exposes his passion for this genre with inspiration from artist like: ‘Soundlift’, ‘Andy Blueman’, ‘Sektor V’, ‘Andrew Rayel’, ‘Shogun’ and many more. And what someday started as a distant dream, now it is becoming true thanks to the support of the people who has believed in him and his work with releases on labels like ‘D.Max Recordings’, ‘Anphonic Beats’, ‘Arcadia Moon’ & ‘Restate Records’.

As one of the most promising DJ/Producer from Mexico, he reaffirms his only one mission on his carrer: to share his passion and fill the souls of people with harmony using music for expressing all kind of feelings and moods in their lifes.

    uniE603 Shunsuke Kikuchi - Kyokugen Battaru! San Bai Suupa Saiya-Jin[Karzen's 'Tribute To DBZ' Rework]Teaser
    uniE603 Armin Van Buuren - Last Stop Before Heaven (Karzen's 2015 Psy Bootleg) FREE DOWNLOAD WAV in Desc.
    uniE603 Adam E Vs. Eximinds & Sarah R - The Napalm Poet Pains Into Purpose (Karzen Mashup) DL in Description
    uniE603 Frozen Skies - We Come In Peace (Karzen Remix) [Fixed Mastering] **FREE DOWNLOAD**
    uniE603 Apache In The Airglow (Karzen Mashup) - Raneem & F-6 vs. Fisherman & Hawkins DL in Desc
    uniE603 Armin van Buuren - Pulsar (Karzen "Who's Afraid of 138" Remix) [CD-R] [FREE DOWNLOAD IN DESC.]
    uniE603 Karzen - My New World (Epic Orchestral Trance Mix) Re-Mastred[Antonín Dvorak SY #9 III Molto Vivace]
    uniE603 Captain Hook - Human Design (Karzen 'Overdrive' Remix) FREE DL [Wav in Description]