Kevin Doyle (Hip Hop/Rapper)
Irwin, United States
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JrFtw - (Kevin Doyle) - Rapper/Hip-Hop

Born April 23rd 1998. From The Outskirts of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, a lonely kid who struggles within himself and surroundings. Also getting picked on and made fun of, never the cool kid, but the outsider and third wheeler of every group. But I always loved music, when i was younger I can remember listening to Kenny Chesney on my way to church and being fascinated with the background music and just the sound and words but I never understood them. As time went on and i grew up I and going to party and friends houses I got introduced to artists like “Flo Rida” and his song “Low” and Lil Wayne when his song “Lollipop” was popular in my age group in 2008. I also was introduced to the best rapper out there in my opinion “Eminem” when his album “Relapse” came out. That set everything off and made me fall in love with the Rap style culture of music. Now as time went on I ended up getting every single song by Eminem that was out at the time and quickly learned all of his lyrics and songs and wanted more. Well lucky in 2010 he released a whole new album “Recovery” and i quickly learned all the lyrics and songs. Now as time went on from that I wrote my own lyrics and songs but I burned everything because I felt like I was not good enough. In 2012 my sister’s boyfriend (At the time) was making rap music known as Young-E at that time and it made me want to, so i downloaded a program called Mixcraft and used the free trial and an old USB mic from a wii game i had… Yeah… Anyways, after the trial ended I downloaded Audacity and made tons of songs and i posted them all over YouTube,Soundcloud and ReverBnations. All i got was negative feedback but that really did not stop me. All though in 2012 and 2013 I made songs and listened to my sister now Ex boyfriend and now known as HonestE in 2014. But in January 2014 I thought that I had a song worth something so I put out a song called “Broken Dreams” on iTunes, now i got mixed feedback but I actually gained some fans and support. Then in July 2014 I made a song for my girlfriend (At The Time) and posted it on iTunes “Forever In My Mind” and got mixed support on that as well. All though the rest of 2014 i made songs on and off but never posted them. In March 2015 my friend (Aka "Young-E,HonestE) asked me to feature on a track called “Never Been” and of course I did, now it is on iTunes, and as well as an Ep of mine of unreleased songs from 2013, 2014 and 2015 known as "Pursuit To Happiness - EP). Since then I only released a single “Kick It” in July 2015. Now i have side projects and more in store for late 2015 and the next few years to come but i am unsure as to when. Thank you for any support.

Twitter - @Your_Man_Kev
Instagram - Jr_FTW_

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