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Hey, this is long.
So read up.

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All my music is free to download.
I sometimes post limited time only stuff, like bass samples or #Nightcore.

Please, remix my music! Message or email me and I will email you the folder of samples.

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Cover Art submissions: OR Tweet to @kitskull and #KitskullCoverArt


16 year old #producer.
I make #dubstep in Maschine 2.
I use the Komplete set of VSTs plus Drop Squad.

I use #Ableton Live 9.
I HAVE #Fl Studio…

You can find all my old music here: @kitskull-old


#Dubstep and music in general is very important to me. I feel like I am a part of it, and it is a part of me.
I started music production in late 2011 using GarageBand… yep… and slowly worked my way up to forgetting about GarageBand and started using Darkwave Studio ( It’s a free DAW that has no subs or any bass at all but can pass for some cool 8-bit stuff. There’s ONE instrument and ONE drum set. However, I created all my first songs using it, and it’s also what I used to create the soundtrack for a small private app I made in Digipen, Institute of Technology (it’s NOT on the app store).

Anyway, after I discovered Darkwave Sh*tio I discovered Ableton Live 8. My father had it on his laptop and had made two songs: Cats and The Cube. Neither can be found today as that laptop was killed by the battery failing… However, I remember the notes and maybe I can remake it. Well, I played around on it, and played with the pads and drums and I was really impressed. I bought it for myself (Live 9 Suite) and stuck it on my laptop and created my first song:

That was a good day! I was so exited: My first real song was out. Later I wrote all these bad 1-hour songs (MADE in one hour. Not one hour long!) and posted them one per day. BAD IDEA. Makes you look really desperate. Anyway, these songs got old and so my dad decided to go all out and spend a snot ton on the following:

#Komplete 9
#Maschine Stuido 2.0 + Hardware
#Live 9 Suite + Push
A #Roland V TD-11 drum set for me
#Drop #Squad

I was like, “Dad, what…” but I learned to just let him do the awesome stuff he does.

A little bit before Christmas of 2014, I sat down, opened up Massive, and found the Zombies preset. I was dumbfounded that we had such a crazy wobble and I played with it for a bit. I got bored and opened up Maschine. Never used it before. I LOVE it. Maschine is my DOC (DAW of choice). There are some features in Ableton that it lacks (like curved envelopes), but it’s so awesome that I can’t NOT use it.

Today I make music using Maschine and Ableton and all that, happily, and I hope to do this for the rest of my life.

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