Progress Report 2017

Published by Kitty Dyson


Hello. It's me. Kitty Dyson. You may have been wondering where I've been all this time. I've been working on several projects but can't seem to get any ideas or complete any projects that sound good. As you may know, I'm going for a more unique style of music and it takes a lot of work to make it sound interesting. I've found that I specialize in sound design and experimental music science. I want to make stuff that sounds very different and unheard. the one big problem with my productivity is simply that my workspace is not very suitable for me, therefore limiting my creativity and how I work. I've done some research and I've decided that Ableton is the perfect daw for my workflow. so right now there has been a massive stall I'm sorry, but I promise that just a little more time, ill be able to finally work with how I want and I will be more motivated and inspired to give you unique sounds. I'm sorry for the delay. it has been almost been a year I know, but I guess, just hang in there. I have not given up. trust me. I am working as much as I can on my projects but can't seem to finish any. there will be at least 50 discarded F L projects once I get into Ableton. there is a chance I might recreate these, but I doubt that I'll be able to hand out a finished F L project before then. it's still possible though. but that's it. just hang in there a little more and there will be another release by Kitty Dyson hopefully by the end of this year. Goodbye. #audio #Kitty Dyson #TTS #Speech #Generator #Kitty #Dyson #Been #Gone

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