08 - Kold-Blooded - Seein' Ghosts (ft. JGRXXN)(prod. by JGRXXN)

Published by Kold Blooded

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*READ BELOW* featuring and produced by @JGRXXN cover art by @tsunamirose mixed by @Rozzdyliams 1:07am "Seein' Ghosts" This is a true story, i get pretty fuckin blown, and i see shadows and apparitions all the time when i smoke. So one day I hit up @JGRXXN with this "Ghost Hunt" sample, and he killed that bitch. Alot of yall must not know who JGRXXN is. Do your homework. or keep sleepin, not my problem. So I would like to give a big s/o and special thanx to @JGRXXN, for not only working with a complete stranger at the time, but for keeping in contact with me, and eventually letting me be apart of his #SCHEMAPOSSE movement. He was one of the ONLY artist who ever asked me where I was at with my music, and told me to stay in touch if i was serious about it. And by now, I know you see us. So with that said, light up a blunt for the dead. cuz we killin yall muthaphukkaz. For after all this I myself will someday become a ghost, but those who live on, i hope you get the messages i have left for you all. S/O to all my #Schemaposse fam. If they thought 2015 was bad, they ain't seen nothin yet. #audio #KoldBlooded #JGRXXN #SchemaPosse #SchemaBoyss #GhostHunt #Tsukuyomi #Itachi #Uchiha #EdoTensei #TsunamiRose #Weed #Herb #Smoke #Ghosts #Spirits #TSC #Naruto #Anime #Rap #HipHop #Underground #Jgreen

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