04 - Kold-Blooded - Movin Through The Shadows (ft. SortaHuman and N3_LL)(prod. by Rellim)

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*READ BELOW* Featuring @solley420 and @n3_ll produced by @iamrellim artwork by @orbitmn mixed by @hogish75 9:07 "MOVING THROUGH THE SHADOWS" Yes this project features alot of great artists. The Akatsuki! As soon as I got this beat i knew who i wanted to feature on it. (I know I wasnt the only one who thought these 2 vibed together well) This one explains my formula to a good banger. As i said before I wanted to bring to together some of my favorite artists together over some of my favorite producers beats. I feel as though I have a sense for it. But unlike alot of you rappers Im not gonna sit there and brag about bigger names i've worked with. I dont do this for play counts or popularity. I do this simply to make the music and have it heard. I move Through these shadows. I don't see half of yall. Special thanks goes out to Rellim, Sortahuman, and N3_LL. This proved to me that i can bring a vision into reality. #audio #KoldBlooded #Sortahuman #N3ll #Rellim #MovinThroughTheShadows #Shadows #Akatsuki #Schemaposse #NewEraGang #Debars #Hidden #Ninjas #Itachi #Tsukuyomi #Naruto

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