02 - Kold-Blooded - DeathProof (ft. BONES)(prod. by Mr. Sisco)

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*READ BELOW* featuring @TeamSesh produced by @ThePhonkShop mixed by @hogish75 art by @Tsunamirose 7:07 "DEATHPROOF" Good Morning. You're Still Here. I have been rapping 20 years+. So no, we are not the same. This beat brought the Hell out of me, hence the Jigoku Shoujo references. Alot of people can say this and that about who started what, and who does this or that, but this is music folks. Just make it bang and stay true to yourself. I was blessed with this feature and it fit perfectly because I could think of no one better to wreck a beat like this. With so many people trying to rap these days, the underground has changed, and people are so quick to diss eachother over stupid shit. So heres my reply to any of those disses. Even if you try to kill me, i'll already have that scenario planned out. Ive Just Begun. Itachi sees everything. A special thank you to @TeamSesh and his brother @elliottoconnor for helping make this song happen. #audio #KoldBlooded #Bones #DeathProof #MrSisco #Schemaposse #SESH #BazzMafia #Itachi #Tsukuyomi #Genjutsu #EdoTensei #HellGirl #JigokuShoujo #TsunamiRose #Anime #Rap #HipHop #Underground #Schemaboyss

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