05 - Kold-Blooded - Mutilated (ft. Xavier Wulf) (prod. by Mr. Sisco)

Published by Kold Blooded

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*READ BELOW* featuring @XavierWulf produced by @ThePhonkShop art by @rocketman-kickz mixed by @RozzDyliams 4:07am "MUTILATED" I have nothing but the utmost respect for Wulf. in 2012 he proved to me that theres still hope out there to make good music, tell the truth, yet still go hard af. His music helped me pull through when I was on the verge of quitting music due to my group breaking up and lack of inspiration. The Utada Hikaru sample is close to my heart and therfore I decided to musically rip out yours. She is one of my all time favorite singers. This was also one of the first samples i sent to Sisco which started the whole project basically. See it was through everyone on this album that I found acceptance in my own music again, and it was through Wulf and the SHWB concerts I was able to meet JGRXXN, and so on and so on. So a big special thanx and a shotout to @XavierWulf, It was an honor to work with you. Here I am also explaining to my enemies, it's too late, your already in my genjutsu, and those who do feel it, i will continue to mutilate it. #audio #KoldBlooded #XavierWulf #Mutilated #MrSisco #Utada #Schemaposse #HollowSquad #BazzMafia #Itachi #Naruto #Tsukuyomi #Genjustu #Uchiha #Illusions

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