07 - Kold-Blooded - They Don't Know (prod. by Cheezus3)

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*READ BELOW* produced by @yungcheezus3 mixed by @hogish75 art by @Tsunamirose 6:07pm "They Don't Know" Having to live with your decisions is a huge part of growing up. I'm sure alot of people may think it took alot of money to make this project happen. It really didnt. All it took was a little money, time, effort, and conversation. Ive been doing this along time, and so I tend to just sit back and observe. Ive learned to choose my words wisely and be patient. There are a ton of things i wish i hadnt had done in the past, but like the previous song, I understand how they were necessary for my development. A special thanks goes to anyone who made an attempt at mixing this song. Eventually the homie Ira Harris (@hogish75) did a fantastic job and taught me about some things along the way. R.I.P. to my mother Sindy. And all the others close to me I have lost, living or dead. Everytime i write a song I think of you all. (on a sidenote, this song also represents my struggle as a trustworthy person, because alot of people confide in me, leaving me in a state of worry or unease. This is how I cope.) #audio #KoldBlooded #TheyDontKnow #Cheezus3 #Schemaposse #HustleFamily #Itachi #Uchiha #Naruto #Genjustsu #Tsukuyomi #Anime #Rap #HipHop #Tsunamirose #Underground #Deep #Thought #TSC #Schemaboyss

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