09 - Kold-Blooded - Tell No Lies (ft. Black Smurf)(prod. by Mr. Sisco)

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featuring @blackksmurf produced by @ThePhonkShop art by @TsunamiRose 8:07am "Tell No Lies" I watch you rappers. Not to sound creepy, but its a defense mechanism of mine. Alot of yall are some insecure, egotistic, greedy and selfish, liars. S/O to all my real ones and my true hustlers out there. So This song was inspired by the choice Itachi made to murder his own clan, and by the Millenium Earl character from "D. Gray Man". This is also why I chose to call this project Tsukuyomi, for it was Tsukuyomi who was disgusted with his presentation of a meal and decided to take action. And i'm out here trying to eat, and the game been feeding me constant bullshit. A special thanks to @blackksmurf, i'm a big fan, and I hadn't heard a Smurf/Sisco joint in a long time, so getting him to join me on this came out perfectly. Just keep it real. It's all i've ever known. #audio #KoldBlooded #BlackSmurf #TellNoLies #MrSisco #Schemaposse #HustleFamily #BazzMafia #TSC #SchemaBoyss #Itachi #Uchiha #Naruto #Tsukuyomi #dgrayman #milleniumearl #uchihamassacre #Truth

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