11 - Kold-Blooded - Ninja Way (prod. by Black Falcon)

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*READ BELOW* produced by @myblackfalcon702 art by @Tsunamirose mixed by @hogish75 12:07pm "Ninja Way" This is it. THANK YOU TO Masashi Kishimoto, your art inspired me to make most of this tape overall. Please everyone who listens, google Tsukuyomi and Naruto, and see what i see. I couldnt say thank you enough to each and everyone of you listening, and especially everyone who helped me make this album. Thank You to my wonderful wife Daisy (@Tsunamirose) for all her artwork, help, and sticking by my side through everything always. I Love You. BIG Thanks to @JGRXXN and @Rozzdyliams for always keeping it real, and giving me nothing but the best advice, that shit is golden. Thank you to @Hogish75 for all the help on the mixing and last minute fixes, everything sounds great! Thank you to @ThePhonkshop and his brother @buddvhjonez, a big part of this started because I was a fan of your production and now here we are years later pushing these #Schemaposse x #Bazz Mafia movements to the fullest. S/O TO #SCHEMAPOSSE S/O to Eddie Rath (I really wanted you on this tape bro!) HUGE Thank You Elliot OConnor and all the rest of the SESHOLLOWATERBOYZ (@XavierWulf, @TeamSesh, @ChrisTravis, @eddybaker-1) for being cool af and allowing me to work with each of yall. Back in 2012 I thought that was impossible. Seriously, Thank You. Thank You @Iamrellim @Wxnderbxy @blackksmurf @solley420 @joeybagadoughnuts @orbitmn @rocketman-kickz and @n3_ll If anybody has any questions, im sure I can explain everything in much better detail, i just included these to show most of yall that im sincere about this shit, feel free to email me/ hit up my soundcloud/twitter/facebook/ whatever. @koldbloodedmusic @jgrxxn @thephonkshop Special s/o to @ganjarijuana @pjfyre @eric-jewell-hyun-caldwell you guys asked me about this project all the time, and I appreciate you listening. #audio #KoldBlooded #NinjaWay #BlackFalcon #SchemaPosse #Tsukuyomi #Naruto #Itachi #Uchiha #Story #Bloodline #Sharingan #Rap #HipHop #Underground #Final #Hokage #Ninja #Tsunamirose #Madara #Obito #Sasuke

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