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Korintios Fallen. December 22 -2012 News to come for you, Evrything is ok, and soon new stuff to come for you. Please hang on guys to the Release of 4 o more tracks and the list will be updated. Thank. Friday, November 23- 2012, profile upgrade and news to come. Right, since longtime it is been long time about my upgrades, well I am coming with new reworked tracks. keep an eye upon. Cheers up. Hi new track only demo, it just needs to be extended and mastered. Hi there. so for now I am preparing a new track to release whilst I had been teaching to a friend how to use Reason 5. The track has no name, but sounds great, and just is made in Reason and its Mexican Psychedelic, just me, and the beholder of Edgar. Here is a new track wich I had programmed in this week, please also remember that I am starting a new venture for Reason Software to teach in Spanish to the Latin Community. Here is also the link so you can look and help for our growing project. =================================== Monday September 2011. Well Finally a superb nice track I had made, in some days, but I hope people can enjoy the Piano, anyway, for DJ�s to performance that whole track are welcomed only thing I ask is being nominated as the creator of the track, please remember music can be done in anyway, but only thing we can just sit for hours and hours etc, but at the end we see the result, please enjoy guys, as well I do enjoy your music too.. help support me and if someone is interested in Duo, please become serious and if we click----from that match we can do a superb journey to the stars... 100% Track composed by KF, can show you how I did it.? Sunday 18 September 2011 New track out. The name means the whole thing, Angel my friend the programmer has seen all these programming from null, for I had called that track with such a name. Pro Tools Courses in Spanish Update 26 Friday 2011 New demo track only psychedelic.... Update August 4-2011 Well there is the new track and it´s coming with very few elements, but the melodic harmony was played by me, and the sound it´s organic... c,d, g#.. well hope you enjoy the track, still some perfection to come up... July 28-2011 Opulence is finish and also mixed think so well your opinion is nice... New track out... July 062011 Subsequences of you... Hi there!!! This week I am going to release the new upgrade from the Subsequences of you, it�s kind of mix, but very funny to hear it and expect from friends a compliment. Well hope you like it, tried so hard to make it more organic. Made in Reason as well using Electric Guitar. the double pedal was programmed due to the lack of a real drummer master to lay-down the drums. WAIT FOR THE NEW TRACK TO COME TO YOU. New update Friday 24 of June, 2011 Here are going two tracks I think they are almost ready to go to the speaker scape. Well The Original Name is Opulence. and the Other one is called Subsequences of you Here we go!!! 2011 21 may WELL NEW TRACK ALMOST FINISHED... HELP OUT WITH A POSITIVE CRITICISM.... OPULENCIA. New Track Experimental Music. The name means alot!!!! ARABIAN PENTECOSTES. ======== Juanary 22,2010 One track uploaded. Sounds good Smokedblond29 HI TO EVERYBODY, I HAVE UPLOADED 2 NEW TRACKS, ON MY PROFILE, AND THE MUSIC IT'S MORE LOGIC, AND MORE BETTER PROGRAMMED, THE LAST TRACK I DID LOAD WAS FINISHED IN REASON BUT NOW IT NEEDS A PERFECT MIX IN PRO TOOLS 8.01. DAW EARLY MORNING IT'S ALMOST FINISHED FOR NOW BUT THE THING IS TAKING MORE TIME IN DETAIL.. IF THERE IS ANYONE WHO WANTS THE STAFF TO BE PRINTED AND CONVERTED TO MIDI FILE TO HELP, DOORS WIDE OPEN. THE MUSIC ON THIS WEBSITE IT'S ONLY A DEMO, I WILL KEEP YOU UPDATED WHEN THE FULL VERSION WILL BE REALESED. I WOULD LIKE TO ASK YOU ABOUT WHAT IS YOUR OPINION ABOUT THESE TRACKS!!!!! I KNOW IT NEEDS MORE WORK TO BE DONE. IS THERE ANYBODY IN MEXICO CITY? WHO WOULD LIKE A DUO (DUETO) VERY FORMAL- TO PLAY. I had been programming Music for many years I had finished some tracks and also the tracks are being detailed, so soon you will be able to listen to some tracks in here. KORINTIOS FALLEN has been existed since 5 years, I & colaborators have been unlucky to get a Record Company contract. (we are), I am working in many tracks and hope one day they will see the speakers. Musicans, Composers, and People that act as Humans. So if anybody is willing to make a dueto, duo!! please contactme!! Let's start to work. K F. People interested to colaborate with me and correct lines of Music. Some Titles(themes) are hidden Because of the Copyrighted. Well some of them will be soon to be here added. Note: All the tracks are only DEMO the last releases will be announced officially. Please feel free to give us (me) feedback. ============== GO Track here is the input....... I am working in many tracks and hope one day they will see the speakers. Explanation about Thanx to all of you and hope you enjoy this Project, some projects take more time, but thanks to Mr. Arles Tooker it was possible to produce some stuff for some people that will enjoy the music or might not be your style but it can be nice to listen to a new line of Music, but I think the CD it�s for very abstracts ears and people that like to go from others gerns of Music to others kinds of Music. Styles and fusion, Progressive Music, House, Techno, and of course Classic Music, and Passages Only that came in my mind, and finally New Age Music, but this all a fusion, but made with a syth and interfaces. Graduation Overture. 1-Track one from 0 :00 second to minutes 59 (Seconds) 2-Track Two from 60 Seconds to minute 4:39 3-Track Three from 4:39 minute-to-minute 7:47 4-Track Four from 7:47 minute-to-minute 10:16 5-Track Five from 10:16 minute-to-minute 13:32 6-Track Six from 13:32 minute-to-minute 14:34 7-Track Seven from 14:34 minute-to-minute 18:00 8-Track Eight from 18:00 minute-to-minute 21:14 9-Track Nine from 21:15 minute-to-minute 29:04 (Mega Passage) ==============+++++++++++++++++++++++++++ GO track it's being modified and soon the full Version of the Classic part will be mathemized in perfection. And note as a.b.c.d will be accorded to the Violin, and will full have a plenty of Orchestration thus you have to await till new unleashed up-come to our vulnerable ears.. Also some track are going to be Modified, Rememeber only Demos File uploaded. =====+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Total Playing Time 29:06 Programs Used Reason Only as a sequencer, BUT MASTERED IN PRO TOOLS OF COURSE BEST SOFTWARE FOR IT TO MIX. M-audio Midi Controller, M-audioFirewire 1814 interface. And alot of inspiration. Programmer Omar Marmolejo Artistic name KORINTIOS FALLEN.!!!! All is Copied Righted Booking or anyquestion are welcomed!!!

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