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    New Radio Beer Wednesdays July 14

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    new radio Beer Wednesdays July 14 Beer Wednesdays Fast Forward Fridays MUSIC: (BEER WENDZDAYS MUSIC) DEEP INT’L MALE V/O: There are seven days in the week, but who wants to wait for Friday? SFX: (FAST FORWARD) DEEP INT’L MALE V/O: Fast Forward to BEEEER WENDZDAYS! SFX: (BEER CAP OPENING AND BEER POUR) DEEP INT’L MALE V/O: Enjoy ice cold Red Stripe, Heineken or Guinness specials every Wednesday at select restaurants and bars. It’s a Friday kind of fun in the middle of the week! BEEEER Wednezdays Good Friends, Great Beer, Everywhere! Visit @beerWendzdays on instagram. Must be 18 years and older. Drink Responsibly #audio #Beer #Wednesdays #fast #forward #fridays #FFF #FASTFORWARDFRIDAYS #kurt #Kelly #kurtkelly #voice #voiceover

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    Kurt Kelly


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