Le Arrival (Eclectic Soul) by Kush Nubit

Published by Kush Nubit

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"Le Arrival" was inspired by Kush Nubit cosmic intuition thru Cosmic DNA memory. During the making of this song Kush Nubit started to remember our birth coming into the Milky Ways solar system and becoming terrestrial being here on earth but still being able to look up at the sky and see the cosmic home from afar while glowing and changing various colors of greens, blues and other hues and tone she had never seen before in her own visions of her cosmic home... Kush Nubit can feel the coming, the arrival from Cosmic to terrestrial existence on that very day trillions of years ago... We are everywhere.... This song brings not only a personal smile and feel to her being but helped her remember as she created this song "Le Arrival" by Kush Nubit. #audio #Kush Nubit

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