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Skórka, Poland
Last online: 1 year ago

Since childhood I liked to read and draw.
Imagination with every single word which I read was growing enormously,
and each single line which I drawn - taught magic lights and shadows.
The most of my creations I did in 2010, this year was a breakthrough.
However, some situations in private life have caused a break
in my artistic development. The break lasted until August 2015 years -
since then, I’m trying todevelop creatively.I learn new things, I take photos,
I paint and I’m able to combine it all.I don’t want to be closed to any style.
I feel well in the dark climates,but the colorfull rainbow is not foreign to me.
I like to create new places, worlds, surreal images, but also characters.
Also on photography I look different - I share it for this, which in itself
is magicaland the utilitarian - useful to create something new.My works are
covers of books and cds, illustrations, advertising posters, paintings
adorning the walls in homes, annexes to the articles magazines, print on clothes.
Sometimes I write tutorials and “speed art’s” on my Youtube Channel.
I did not finish art school I am self-taught - this job is my habit.
I create photomontages, photomanipulations, digital painting,
but the most which I like is matte painting, which allows me to
combine all the techniques.

e-mail: https://www.twine.fm/signin