Drifting & Serials are for Breakfast

Published by Lebensfreude

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Serendipity" is an electronic music album that builds on the very idea of serendipity (sic!), i.e. “the incident of discovering something good, pleasant or useful while not specifically searching for it". This “happy incidents” approach created an album full of surprise, unheard-of sounds, open structures, and emotional expression far beyond the dancefloor. Since Zuckermann used to be an accomplished pianist in a former lifetime, this includes intuitively found sound references to baroque, twelve-tone, or minimal music of the 20th century. In spite of its off the wall approach, "Serendipity" manifests as a dense, abstractly poetic structure, an absorbing and meandering journey into the ever changing heart of contemporary Berlin electronic music. #audio #techno #zuckermann #lebensfreude

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