LesBiTru Female Hip Hop Artist $50 Colla
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Ashley Jenee Wilder, also known as LesBiTru, was born August 11, 1993 and raised in Pinewood, South Carolina. She began song writing and recording at the age of 8 years old. Without ever having a manager, LesBiTru continues to make music today! Being blessed with various talents pertaining to music, she was able to start her first hip-hop group in 2009, which went by the name Southern Swavor. The group consisted of three rappers (including her) and two dancers (who choreographed their own dances). With LesBitru being able to start and manage this group at a young age, she was able to get Southern Swavor to perform in many major shows, such as “Showtime at the Apollo” which was held at Patriot Hall in Sumter, SC and hosted by Buddha Ratt of Swagga 94.1. Only success came from these shows. For instance, after winning 1st place in the “Showtime at the Apollo” event, $1200 was the reward for Southern Swavor, along with many other opportunities. Following the division of the group, LesBiTru decided to continue working on her solo career, which was an immediate success. She released her first official mix tape “Insane in the Brain”, which sold over 100 copies the first day. Eventually, she decided to establish another hip-hop group, which went by the name “Cash Clique” in February of 2013. The group was able to record their first mix tape together, and had their mix tape release party at Pure Gold in Santee, SC with DJ Donnie. Cash Clique also had the video shoot to their first official single “Talkin” (Prod. By Sonic Boom), and opened for rap duo, The Migos in the process of grinding for a record deal. The second group created by LesBiTru eventually faded, due to various reasons, leaving her to finish a solo career, once again. She recorded a hit single in January of 2014, entitled “Jungle Fever” (Prod. By Sonic Boom), which took off to over 7,000 views in the first few weeks of uploading it. With the help from producer, Sonic Boom, she is set to release her next solo mixtape “No Pain, No Gain, No Fame” Spring break of 2014, followed by a mix tape promotion tour. Along the way, many moguls have helped LesBiTru chase her dreams. Buddha Ratt, was the first DJ to give her an in- studio radio interview, as well as many other opportunities. With support from God, family, friends, fans, and her home town, she is sure to leave a permanent mark in today’s hip-hop industry. “I just always wanted to be the next Missy Elliot, the next one to make it from the bottom and take the people that supported me to the top with me.”, LesBiTru stated in an interview for LRB Magazine. Being an ambitious, dedicated, hard-working dream chaser got her farther than money could ever take her in the industry. She continues to chase her dreams without help from a road manager, body guards etc. She hopes to someday sign a record deal and fulfil her fantasy of being a legendary hip-hop artist.

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