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Eindhoven, Centrum, Netherlands
Last online: 1 year ago

Born in 1980, i was raised, always surrounded by music from my brothers, and mom.

At the age of 11, my love for music was evolving. I bought my first keyboard, shortly after that i bought my second keyboard. So you can say i immediately was hooked on hardware where noise out came. After there only came noise out of my keyboards, i tooked some piano lessons and the noise becomes music. The musician in me was born.
Till the age of 13 i listened to all kinds of music. From Billy Holly, Rage against the machine, to Snoop Dogg.
After that i discovered house music. And i was instantly in love with this genre.
In the weekends i secretly stayed up all night, just so i could record house music that the clubs broadcasted live on the radio on my cassette tapes.
Later i started collecting cassette tapes from every party i visited. So growing up, i always felt passion for music and everything around it.
And that love for music, is in my heart and in my soul.

In 2014, i graduated from the SEA Institute (Amsterdam) with my Bachelors of Arts degree in Audio Engineering.
With my degree in hand, i was inspired to pursue my passion for music.
Finding my way to Eindhoven, i started my own company in February of 2016. Thus was the birth of KIUAN Productions.

My main job is making music on the background, from theme-music for movies to theme-music for party’s and event.
Also working together with a big record label, for the same kind of jobs. Contests i only do for the fun of it.
Never made a track by myself, so therefor looking for beginning producers, to collab with them.
And maybe helping them to the next level, as they also can help me taking me to the next level

    uniE603 Eva Simons & Sidney Samson - Escape From Love (Lazylex Edit)
    uniE603 LazyLex Ft. Delaney Jane - Shades Of Grey (Edit)
    uniE603 Sam Feldt Ft. Heidi Rojas - Shadows Of Love (LazyLex Edit)
    uniE603 Lost Kings Ft. Katelyn Tarver -You (LazyLex Harder Remix)
    uniE603 Firebeatz & Schella - Dear New York (LazyLex Edit)
    uniE603 Lost Kings Ft. Katelyn Tarver - You (LazyLex Edit)
    uniE603 Jay Hardway - Electric Elephants (LazyLex's second track Edit)
    uniE603 Jay Hardway - Electric Elephants (LazyLex's short version Edit)