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1st track in my new mixtape entitled: Trippy2! Lyrics: //Verse 1 808 bitch. bout to hop on this shit. got money from wall to wall. hoes call me rich. alright it's bangerz. for life. my bakers. bake more than rice. got good work. it's nice. the hood work. for my car and wife. i'm killin it like a villain. i got hoes stacked to the ceilin. fan off so they don't get hurt. orangutang tear off her skirt. call me the ape man up in here. go king kong up in her brazier. let that bass hit yo ear. trunk shakers up in here. rrah. //Hook 1 808, yuh yuh, 808. [X3] //Verse 2 i said Eight oh eight bitch you ain't all that great. said it's gettin kinda late, take you back to the place. my trap where we at, im talkin bout your fate. bout to face my snake, charm it, so it won't hate. give me dome, then skedaddle home, that shit would be great. ejaculate on her face, swallow, she guzzlin grapes. ill show videotapes, they throw parades, cuz ain't no debate, you 10/8. that's a-okay by me, you see. you fulfill my prophecy. make no mistake that bitch do great. she hit it a-okay. like i'm bumpin eight oh eight. //Hook 2 eight oh eight, nigga, eight oh eight. [X2] //Hook 1 808, yuh yuh, 808. [X3] #audio #Rap #Hip #Hop #808 #Trap #LilTone #DJ #LilTone #FreshTones

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