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The Intro to my new full length album. Lyrics: i'm bout to kill the fucking game, just to get to fame. you gon know my fucking name, before too long you'll claim, you've tamed the flame. but i ain't goin out. that's all it is is being tamed. but you no extinguisher now. so here we go. on my freestyle flow. i show the flow, blow for blow to show the hoe i got the dough.. i ain't no joke. this is real. now say deal or no deal. i kill the thrill, with my skill, give it chills till the uphill chilled up, instilled with the krill spongebob felt. i'm ill. and don't fuckin' forget, or i won't fuckin' forgive. i unstiff the swisher to make it fit to the swiffer. cleaner upper. i show you i ain't blubber. i'm more than a good show, i'm also more than butter. but y'all say you can't believe it. trust me i can see it. can't believe i kill the beat, but best believe i complete it. i cover y'all with cement. fill your mom with semen. said that before, but who's even listenin? anybody there? am i alone here? put the buds in your ear, listen and hear. i'm dope. no joke. i got shit to make other rappers choke. i ain't kiddin', that's bullshit. i'm killin', that's true shit. so stop feelin that the feelin Lil Wayne be chillin' is the real shit. that shit fake.. ok? I ain't lyin today. my shit real so feel the feel my beats give when i chill. Here. //Beat Hits You like that? fuck i know you do. so don't wyle back and go back to dude. stay here. chill here. i'll give you more to hear. this the intro right here. to TRIPPY 2, so fear, what's to come. And what's already been done. i got more for you. so don't leave me son. Welcome to the mind of the ill, the smart, and the dumb. Welcome to the time of the Super Dope. Welcome to the the mind of Lil Tone. #audio #Rap #LilTone #Hip #Hop #Intro #Intro #to #Album #TRIPPY2 #Trippy #2

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