The Fam

Published by Tony Jackson

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Third track to my new album: Trippy2. Lyrics: //Verse 1 yous a dead man walking. tryna come and face me?! nigga bring on that talk and, i'll shove a fist through yo teeth. yous a dead man walking. front on me? yo brain i'll be warpin, with the blunt end o' my knee. sayin, smash, smash, s'smash, smash. blast, blast, a'blast, blast ima kick yo ass, dat'll be a blast from the past. said bitch get outta my face. i'll spray you wit my hate. so much fuckin' hate, dey call me da kkk. i'm like real nigga what up? real nigga what up? if you ain't about that blood gang.. bitch get offa my nuts. uh. ima smoke this beat, like a motherfuckin swisher. hell yeah it gon be sweet, cuz my nigga, it deliver. uh. yeah im in my zone. airplane mode on the phone. call me bitch, no answer, cuz im too fuckin gone. said, reppin reppin that D. Southside Nigga we. are the best, and fuck the rest, and keep the shit low key. alright. hand me the pipe, let me take flight, i'm bout reverse skydive. blastin away, damn this jay, got me feelin the highlife //Hook Like, Uh. Goddamn. Blood Gang, Piru, That's The Fam. [X3] //Verse 2 I'm so senile. Let's go dog pile. My rhymes so vile. I go whoa now. Lock it down. Pac here now. Drop it down. To the ground. No sound... Now I'm back on the track. Stack it all back. Crack it all back. Throw the ceilin top back. My gun out da window, thinkin of my plan of attack. Yeah, and they know it too. Blood gang, piru it. Ooh. Y'all niggas, yeah, y'all knew it too. I show it. But it like my high don't blow it. So throw it. Ooh. //Hook Like, Uh. Goddamn. Blood Gang, Piru, That's The Fam. [X3] //Verse 3 Blood Gang. we bang. gotta be blood to hang. so serve the gang. we don't play no games. this ain't no citizen kane. we go real, the art of steal, the art of rap, that's the art of heal here's the art of kill. i'll kill you with murda m'murda m'murda. the last they heard a' you was. when the burners cut loose a' screams and shouts from my torture chamber. pout and I doubt, yo family will ever see ya. again my friend, say hello to the end. "is it over?" nah nigga now it begins. chainsaws and hacksaws hack you till the end. all they hear is your fear trapeed near the end. the end... //Outro But the family lives on. head strong, never lost. with a sense of right and wrong. while you just jolly on, all day long, doing civil wrong, we'll just travel along, be long gone, we head on and move on, zoom along, you can tag along. come along this lifelong, prolonged, theme song, to the gang known as piru, you can call me piru don. #audio #The Fam #LilTone #Hip #Hop #Rap #BloodGang #Piru #TRIPPY2 #Trippy #2

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