Don't You See Feat. Farisha

Published by Tony Jackson

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Track 6 in Trippy2! Lyrics //Verse 1 Can't you see. it's running deep. i need someone to save me. depression.. is it a lesson? will it lessen? when i'm in heaven. all the resin.. flows through. my present is a dope flow that only comes from few like me. my of view its true. it's blue. and without a clue. i still knew. that depression is my point of view. //Verse 2 Depression is fucked up my luck sunk. now im drowning in nonseen water, and i don't know what the fuck is goin on. it goes on, and on. from the night to the dawn. since the dawn of time. depression has been on the climb. and i find that the blind see better than the depressed grime. we sink deep. it hurts. help us. we're without words. i'm without words.... #audio #Dont You See #Rap #Hip #Hop #LilTone #TRIPPY2 #Trippy #2

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