Look Alive

Published by Tony Jackson

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Track 9 to Trippy2 Lyrics: //Verse 1 Said help me Ima monster today and I don't know what to say but, help me, I'm wasting away, another day, down the drain, so help me, I don't think I can take another day this pain, it hurts. and it gets worse. //Verse 2 nigga this ain't help me three, this is look alive. but help me free, the pain inside, I just wanna get the message out, you know, help me out. and I don't wanna scream and shout. but i'll pout until I wyle out. so listen, look alive at the addition, that's arisen, i'm dying away but that don't mean a thing if you listen. this the listen edition, i'm done rappin, I done risen. #audio #Look Alive #LilTone #TRIPPY2 #Trippy #2 #Rap #Hip #Hop

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