I'm F*cking Hard (Freestyle)(No Beat)

Published by Tony Jackson

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Track 14 to Trippy2. Straight freestyle. No beat. Lyrics: Shit's hardcore i can't even deal. got an uneven feel. my chicks a whore. feel i fell a great uneven deal . but the shit's so ill, you know i still kill. then send yo wife the bill. don't try me i'm harder than vanadium steel. that shits real. i aint even jokin i'm just bein trill. i'm bein trill. the potters wheel popped off in harry potter prayer wheel. that's a new deal i don't even know how to feel. i just spit sick, otherwise known as ill. until it's too quick i cannot stop the spill. so keep goin with the same square deal. non stop no pain feels real. i keep goin with this ideal. try so hard to mark a meal. for the family so they don't starve. hand it to me i transition hard. if you say no, then blasphemy, you don't no hard. cuz i go hard. like a dog in a yard. trained to scar the spar who tries to fuck with my guard. tear his bones apart. rip him limb from limb. rip out his heart. give it back to him. cuz ima monster. as you know. and i won't alter my flow. i don't give a fuck. and i don't give a damn. when i go ham. then i go harder then a battering ram. fuck fame. get fame. and free mckoo. yeah my niggas. i'm sayin that too. no beat, but i killed, cuz i'm just that good. fuck beats, and fuck rap, i hope this is understood. whatchu gonna do? fuckin trippy two. #audio #No Beat #Freestyle #Hip #Hop #Rap #Straight #Barz #LilTone #TRIPPY2 #Trippy #2

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