Bars [Prod. Limit Beats]

Published by Tony Jackson

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Track 16 to Trippy2 Lyrics: listen hear and listen close. open ears, now don't be slow. release the fears, and make you whoa'd make the bitch cry tears, that pussy i throwed. whoa, and you know that nigga. step up? lay down. leave you wit a toe tag nigga. yeah. this a throwback nigga. snapbacks, tattoos, where's my hoes at nigga? my lyrics get bigga, yeah the bigga they get. make me want more to spit. spit it foul like some tobacco from the dirty south, just like Tabasco. yuh. but not that far down. go up a bit till yo safe and sound. Arkansas, Yep JB (-Jonesboro-) Reppin My, City. no but here it ain't too pretty. nah, but it is pretty shitty. so let me tell you my true city. Hometown, yep from the big D. Detroit, where's my boys at? guess i just came to exploit that. Novocaine, put it where my nose at. no more pain, so i can't flow whack. i'm a druggy. everyone knows that. Here i am and there i go. man y'all oughta be scared of my flow. hit em hard abut i hit em low. yeah i call that shit a low blow. yuh. so i find the time to rhyme again. fill yo mind with that vitamin. Come on try and fuck with my rifleman. he all hopped up on vicadin. so he's psychin and, i'm fightin him don't want him to shoot them yet. but i'm fucked up on Heineken so i can't even fight em yet. that's a blow to yo head. keep on shootin till ya hear a click. i keep on goin, don't fight that shit. what you done faced? we call that death. i kill the beat. and you know i do. that's trippy two. #audio #Straight Bars #Trap #Rap #Rappad #LilTone #TRIPPY2 #Trippy #2 #Hip #Hop #Limit #Beats #43 #Bars

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