Dope $hit [Prod. By FabulousBeatz]

Published by Tony Jackson

  • 1 credits

Some Real Shit. LYRICS: //Verse 1 So I walk right pass the dying class. the lowest hopeless homeless class. Spare some change? But i'm broke myself. so I share a little something else to give better wealth, and better health. Knowledge, it's how the populous grows. Flawless, are my flows. so that means I got something to teach. Teach the homeless how to rap, not how to preach. so fuck the pastors goin around tryna brainwash them. I bring a new name, and a new person to sin. Spit fire, like a demon, tongue all curled. church you've been beaten, Evil runs the world. Spit profanity, fuck humanity, blame it on insanity. ah. my rhymes and my flows they are so vanity. ah. so get all panicky, gon kill yo sanity. ah. This is no fantasy. Face Straight calamity. ah. Cuz I kill those niggas, Lil Wayne and Drake? bring yo steel toes niggas, cuz I be steppin on toes. like I be conquerin flows, open my suicide doors. and you'll find the brutalized corpse. uh. homicide in the car. not even far, from the crime scene. cuz i'm mean, and ain't scared of the law. i'm raw, so watch yo flaws, cuz I be pickin shit off like a ape on a dog. [Like Count Them Fleas, oh] //Hook [X3] This that Dope Shit. Don't believe me? Get yo Throat Slit. Kill You On The D-Low, Cuz LilTone is GOAT bitch. //Verse 2 I'm killin the game, so fuck it dead. goin insane, hey buck what ya said. i'll do me till the day my brain farts. then i'll do me some more, with more vain heart. My Music? That's called Dewayne Art. [Dewayne is my NickName] How I fuse it? I get a Mary Jane Spark. so hark the herald angels sing. but get em the fuck out my goddamn brain. so much pain. in my brain. big plain white stain. from cocaine. or is it a headache from the lousy sing. uh. You're a dick now Tone, Fuck. well step up nigga, let's buck buck buck. shove a fist in yo mouth. and a foot in yo career. watch the crys fly out. and here come some tears. there we go, there's the bitch we know. Man fuck yo pussy shit, i'm dope bro. Like Go Pro, and step in my shoes. are you too beau to wear loafers due? man fuck it then. i'm done you pussy. if you can't make it in these, can't make it in the business. so happy fuck you day, here's a nice fuck you. [FUCK YOU!] and I don't care what you say you too down, too blue. so go the fuck away, turn aroun, won't clown witchoo. nigga when you sneeze don't even deserve a bless you. uh. Nigga like a-choo... Fuck You! //Hook [X3] This that Dope Shit. Don't believe me? Get yo Throat Slit. Kill You On The D-Low, Cuz LilTone is GOAT bitch. //Verse 3 So here we go again nigga one more verse. Kill this shit? I've been nigga, and no rehearse. This dope shit doe. Not even Bo can flow. My flow too cold, just like the snow. and it neva gets old. as sweet as cookie dough. I be makin the dough, neva fakin I glow. you made a mistake when you chose. to try and face me you know? that I never lost and never will, but you too slow. can't keep up with this toast. to brown for ya, won't boast. j

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