SuperBad [Prod. RikeLuxxBeats]

Published by Tony Jackson

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Lyrics: Ima ragin cagin Caucasian Who does not support the nation This whole abomination Was formed from descrimination But I have an explanation For all of the information We can't be facin starvation and My station can't partake in All this fake shit exclamation point the relation to the way in joy I'm jus sayin what I'm sprayin boy Can't be too irritatin oy I'm not playin I'm sayin what I'm thinkin should be Sprayed in I'm jus takin body counts As I'm Layin shawtys out stick it Way in the hottie's mouth and go Prayin I stop the round I'm smokin a pound of loud Gettin the sound out proud and if you doubt me child well then the count outs shroud and you can see my smile for a goddamn mile, lets bounce i picked up the new style while out in juvenile while all my tutors pout by now they super proud mom and dad were sad and super mad now i roll in cash like im superbad yo fuck all these fuckin losers man snortin coke i feel like superman stick these rappers in a motherfuckin movers van goin to the top like zeus my man lightning through my hands, i am a god. rifling through my trap, dont lose the pot dont lose the crack dont lose the rock i boost the act, right through the top and you know me lil tony been a oh gee since a lil homie on me homie dont be a b ill sink these threes like twenty three man and all these fools i cant reconcile i dont eff around wit no effin cows and im reppin count till im dead and down i be sheddin smiles on the heavy sounds #audio #Hiphop Rap #SuperBad #LilTone #LilToneTheRapper #Rappad #Trippy3 #Rap #Hip #Hop #Trap #RikeLuxxBeats #Lyrics #in #description #Lil #Wayne #Drake #Post #Malone #McLovin

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