Choppa On Em [Prod. Prodlem Beats]

Published by Tony Jackson

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Lyrics: //Verse I I Dont play no games nigga Caught you switchin lanes nigga Pull that forty out, and out go ya brains nigga I Dont fuck wit lame niggas You can see my chain glitta Poppin all these pain killas I dont feel the same nigga Ima fuckin switch hitta I can fuck yo bitch nigga I be getting rich nigga You is just a ditch digger I be throwin pitches Whippin my wrist in the kitchen All you need is wisdom Get yo ass up out the system Come on up and get this nine Me and you from different times But Let's all get up into crimes Is you ready to start in the fight But i ain't on no battle sight I be high as satellites Ill be fuckin Classy Types While you be on them cattle rides I be Living my life fast nigga I got drugs by the batch nigga I drink on that act nigga Hit you wit the gat nigga My bitch fit not fat nigga Yo bitch slip fuck that nigga All My bitches got them tats in em Fuck all these fuckin rats nigga Ain't no turnin back She left the burner burnin half And when I swerve on her ass You know that she be learnin fast Yo drinkin on that actavist Like water outta cactuses I Throw her on the mattresses And Now she got paralysis //Hook (x4) I got a choppa on em That bitch astronomic Back up off it //Verse II got a choppa problem that bitch make you wobble that bitch is flawless all my niggas on em we up in the foreign all our gains ill gotten you best pay deposit or we in ya pockets gonna take ya wallet all ya niggas fallin all my niggas ballin gotta choppa problem i pull the glock up on em they red top to bottom yo homies not forgotten they gon get the exotic im gonna pump it and pop it if you start runnin you dyin im on the hunt and the rise and im gon be gunnin horizons while you be runnin and cryin all non smokers burn in the fire all my homies deserve the prizes //Hook I got a choppa on em That bitch astronomic Back up off it //Verse III you cant jus off me i come back a zombie you jus a softie put gat up on eem cuz they try to rob me they on ice like hockey im wit some hotties we sip on cari we in the party so lit we burning they cant stop flirting they pants off yearning for my hands on serving tho they cant stop twerking //Hook I got a choppa on em That bitch astronomic Back up off it #audio #Hiphop Rap #Choppa #On #Em #LilTone #LilToneTheRapper #Prodlem #Beats #Rap #Hip #Hop #Rappad #Trippy3 #Lyrics #In # #Description #Trap

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