The Secret

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prepare for the worst to be the best what type of wack logic is this einstein told us all long ago our minds defy circumstances realize to never compromise if you have an inclination to be a whole other system a universe within a nation the nation is a human the human is you every individual is a new set of rules share your opinions voice the truths you've discovered all of us could learn from each other we're all islands in a jungle world unleash to release release to dream dream to do do until you hit it, hit that, hit it hit on the wall until it splits apart and breaks rebels don't give a fuck about obstacles or thrills cuz' the thrill is in the ante the thrill is in the rush another direction, another skillset, another adventure into the mud because really when you die this is all that is left experiences, moments lived, and everything you produce straight out of your own head so why settle for what they said who the fuck is 'they' anyway be you, be what you were created as the only real is what you make it to be so yeah, this world is rough so yeah, this world drains your blood so yeah, there are murders and gangsters and people who just don't give a fuck people who will watch you die and not move a muscle people who will put you down until you're hanging from a noose so what you gotta do with the rope is turn the rope into wire cut your own hands and free yourself from desire the desire to be approved the desire to be understood because really who you are is annointed by a force higher than you so to the light always be true there is so much more in you so much more in you tell them haters goodbye don't ever live a life of lies tell them lovers hello welcome the supporters to your zone but ultimately at the end of the line it's you walking that trial it's a dance between you and the prophets a waltz between you and your thousand aliases so the next time you're doubting the next time that you're poisoned with borders break em' and breathe break em' and live in this life you are only as great as you determine yourself to be what's a champion just a matter of will don't mind the matter and the matter becomes real just imagine if tesla had caved just imagine if gandhi gave up the race just imagine is lennon decided it wasn't worth it where would we be if you know better state it loud state it clear fuck it, be a state yourself that's the only secret there is #audio #Secret

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